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Europe Camping Holiday Travelers Destination


Campers like to spend their holidays on the shore of  South of France or in the Lake Garda in Italy with their tents in Snowdonia or the Lake District.

According to the prediction from Eurocamp, one of the 3 biggest camping holiday season companies in Europe which has the first time in 15 years set up a centres in Britain.

For those people based in the UK, the company concentrated on selling upmarket camping holidays to British travelers going to Europe destination. 15 years ago, in Cornwall was shut down its last UK site.

This summer, the National Trust and the Forestry Commission is opening camp site with nine bases in association to attract travellers to visit Europe, because of the high value of the Euro.

Carl Michel, Eurocamp’s chief executive said “he mood is for simpler and shorter holidays, I think.”

The cost per night is £53 includes:
* 4 persons or family of four can rent a tent
* stove
* pots
* pans
* bedding

The tents are in rural locations. The proper camping and don’t have any hassle to putting up a tent.

If you wonder where you want to spend your holiday season on this summer, Ryanair has a flight. It is not so cheap in the hotel and accommodation.