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Busy Weekend

We just got back from a weekend at Dogwood. Well, kind of a weekend at Dogwood. Sherry had a meeting Saturday morning, so Andy and I went and set everything up on Friday night. As we were setting up, we could hear a marching band nearby. Dogwood is walking distance from Rim of the World High School and they were having a varsity football game against the Diamondbacks (who trounced them 45-7). We enjoyed the game, caught some zees and drove home Saturday morning for a shower and to pick up Sherry.

On our way back up the mountain, we stopped at the huge RV show at the fairgrounds. There was a bunch of cool rigs to drool over, but nothing worth mortgaging the house over. We did spend some money in the accessories tent. We got some gadgets and gizmos and a cool fitted picnic table cover.

We got back into camp in the afternoon and then headed into Blue Jay for groceries and dinner. Because there was a campfire restriction, we decided to spend some time in town before an evening hike around the campground. This is a gorgeous campground that reminds me very much of Sequoia National Park. The Valley Oaks and Cypress trees outnumber the pines. The hookup sites are all pretty nice, but Site 89 has the best combination of level, view, and proximity to flush bathrooms.

One of the things I really like about our trailer is that it was very easy for Andy and I to move it around the campsite to get it just right. In this case, turning the trailer ninety degrees to the front eliminated the slope and oriented the door to the picnic table and campfire ring.

Just before midnight Saturday night, the temperature dropped to freezing and we were getting 40 mph gusts. At dawn on Sunday, Sherry and I walked to the bathroom and watched everyone who was camping in tents packing it up. We lasted a little longer. We ate breakfast burritos as we watched pine cones swirling around in dust devils. We packed it up and were on the road by 9AM.

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Camping for Kids and Adults

Even if you are trying your best to pamper your children and keep them inside your home they would always want to break free from your grip. One of the greater manifestations that they wanted to break free from your chains is attending sleep away camps especially during summer breaks. For you to be a little relaxed when they do ask for your permission, you should check these top ten summer camps to make sure that your kids would be safe and sound even if they are away from home:

Top 1: The Appalachian Mountain Club’s Teen Wilderness Adventures

The Teen Wilderness Adventures have different spectacular locations such as the White Mountain National Forest, where your teens could get to experience some of the above-tree line panoramas found in the Northeast which is a part of the hiking and wilderness adventures. There are also other outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, kayaking and service and conservation adventures.

Top 2: Forest Acres Camp for Girls and Indian Acres Camp for Boys, Maine

The two camps offer the best of the single gender camp experience and the co-ed camp experience. The two camps are a brothers/sisters camp that are located two miles from each other.

Top 3: Westcoast Connection

This is also known as 360° Student Travel which is one of the largest student travel companies in North America. Right now, they are in service for 28 yers and they offer traditional Teen Tours to Community Service, Pre-College Enrichment and Adventure and Language Immersion.

Top 4: Surf Diva’s All-Girls Overnight Surf Camp, California

The all-girls, all-inclusive overnight surf’s main feature is the daily surf lessons for morning and afternoon and there are fun activities in the evening. The camp is located in the beach of La Jolla Shores where warm summer temperature, soft sand line beach and palm trees.

Top 5: Rockin’ C Ranch, Texas

It is located in East Texas and is located on 150 acres that include their own 10-acre private lake situated between Dallas, TX and Shreveport, LA. The rolling hills provide a great stage for ranch life.

Top 6: Thrill Coaster Tours

The thrill for kids ages 12-16 because of the twist, turn and plunge down on the steep hills of some of America’s most awesome “scream machines”. It is headquartered in Woodbridge, N.J.

Top 7: Cheley Colorado Camp, Colorado

Cheley has been committed to introducing children to the outdoors and by providing a challenging and nurturing environment for children to explore.

Top 8:Camp Wicosuta, New Hampshire

The philosophy of the camp is to build the girls confidence and competence in a safe and fun community which is called the “3 C’s”.

Top 9: The French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, New York

This camp is famous for music, theater and circus programs offered. They also offer individual private lessons in all types of instruments played in symphony orchestra as well as rock and roll instruments.

Top 10: Camp Champions, Texas

This camp was founded by sports legends which include Darrell Royl. Right now the camp provides 45 activities and focus on Youth Development aspects.