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Time for Camping Vacation taking the family camping in the great outdoors after school year. The beginning of summer mark as the official launch of new camping outdoor. had plenty of great tips on how to make memorable camping experience, affordable and relaxing for the whole family/friends. They also provide information about camp cooking, safety and camping etiquette.

Beata Antoszek from says “Now that school’s out, it’s a perfect time to pack up the tent and all the gear, bundle the kids into the car and go. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading to the lake, ocean or the woods, as soon as you get in that car, you can feel your body relaxing.”

“Camping is such a great experience, not only for the kids but the parents as well. If you go back to the same site year after year, it’s more than likely you’ve built up a great relationship with fellow campers, so it’s exciting to go back and catch up with all your friends.”

Beata offers a free report called Camping: What You Need To Take To Really Enjoy Your Trip.”

Visit the website for more information.

Commission approved to open trails and camping in Malibu

The California Coastal Commission approved a plan to open trails and camping plan in Malibu and allow overnight camping in coastal parks.

The conservancy wants to create 29 campsites and add 3.5 miles of canyon trails and trail connection in Ramirez Canyon, Corral Canyon, Escondido Canyon parks.

The 12-member panel also denied a request by the city to outlaw camping within its borders despite the strong objections of residents.

Camping Stove Website for 2009 Outdoor Season

People are starting to pack their coolr, prepare sleeping bags and are actively gearing up for another campnig season. The official start of the 2009 camping season has debuted recently by

Technology allowed people to move beyond a giant bonfire and canned beans include actual meals., a convience will be available in time for the 2009 camping months.

Jeff Maddox said “I’ve been campign all my life. I wanted to do something that would help other campers whether they are novice or experts.” Maddox is the proprietor of, which he launched in May 2009. The website is fresh, it has a wide selection of camping equipments such like camping grills, portables heaters and camping stoves. He said in the blog, “the blog is a way for me to communicate some of the ideas that I have regarding cooking outdoors.”

While families and campers start taking stock of the gear they need, the grills on Maddox’s site are no doubt going to be crucial for a turning a good vacation into a great one.

About the Company: is owned and operated by longtime enthusiast Jeff Maddox.

Contact Information:
Jeff Maddox
(863) 288-9935

Camping Festival Hits at Mulberry Mountain

The Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival at Mulberry Mountain on June 4 to 7, 2009. It’s going to be a big weekend in Franklin County.

The Music and Camping Festival formerly held in Lawrence, Kansas. It has 99 bands lined u so far including the G. Love and Special Sauce, Black Crowes, and Cross Canadian Ragweed.

Organizers reported that they’ve had around 15,000 people a day in the past. This festival is the 6th year has been put on. Folks will start arriving to camp out on Wednesday.

Hells Anges Camping Event at Green Island

The newest big event in Schaghticoke Event hold by the Hells Angels Camping for a weekend at the Green Island Rod and Gun Club such as music, food, fun and games. A group that was eager to counter the reputation even into the rural area.

The Nomads put on the event. Troy’s chapter of the long running motorcycle club which drew their compatriots from as far as the Carolinas. The smell of barbeque and the sound of live music filled the air.

Bert Kittel with the Troy Chapter said “It’s about a certain lifestyle of people coming together to have fun. We do what we want as our free expression, and we get penalized for it.”

Local authorities had said they planned to keep an eye on the event weeks ago, and a number of police cars were visible along the rural roads leading to the location, the way to which was marked with the signage “81” — “H” being the eighth letter of the alphabet, “A” being the first. Several bikers said a State Police helicopter also flew low over the event Saturday.

“How much did that cost in our stimulus money?” member Doug Boyd asked of the chopper. “We’re just trying to have a good time our way, without infringing on anyone else’s rights.”

Several members stressed that the crew was not one that started fights in bars or assaulted citizens. In fact, the Angels have done some good locally —late last year, not for the first time, members of the Nomads brought a trailer of toys to the children at St. Colman’s in Watervliet. Many of the children are emotionally troubled, autistic or orphaned.

“We do things for people we feel really need it,” Kittel said, noting that the economy has many people struggling. “The kids have it even worse than that.”

For those who want to criticize the group, they should “do better than we did” charitably, Kittel said.

And the hundreds of attendees the weekend drew would pump money into the local economy, especially those who didn’t camp on-site but stayed in hotels in the area, Boyd noted.

Scott Clark said It was the first event this year but likely not the last.

Camping Reservation in Colorado Campground Expected to Increase

The reports are 37% of Memorial Day travelers planned to bike or hike, 29% planned to visit a national or the state park, and 14% planned to visit beaches or other water body during weekend schedule.

Visitors can chose the options or found all of those options at Chatfield State Park to spend their holiday at park instead of spending money to travel somewhere farther away.

Dave Tretteen, residing in Arvada said “We’ come here quite a bit, but this year things are a bit tighter, so I just want to stay a bit closer.”

Colorado State Parks reports that camping reservation will increase 1.9% this year but more people seem to be deciding to stay closer to home during vacations or holiday to save money.

Many campgrounds around the state are seeing an increase in demand during weekend or holiday season and were fully booked for Memorial Day Weekend.

Gas prices may also be encouraging people to travel in their vehicles. Some campground operators said that people were going trips to places like California and Mexico to travel around Colorado.

Camping at Park should resume

According to the Luzerne County officials a Camping at Moon Lake Park in Plymouth Township should resume in just a few weeks.

Doug Richards, Human Resources Director said the county will pay for the additional park staff by tapping almost $3.2 million in federal stimulus money alloted to the Workforce Investment Agency of Luzerne and Schuykill counties. The share of Luzerne County is about $2.1 million.

During the commissioner’s meeting county at Pittston City Hall on Thursday with Rich Adams of Around TOwn Bicycles in Wilkes-Barre presented a petition which almost 3,603 signatures asking the county to reinstate all services at the park.

Because dependent of the budgets, the county park was closed weekdays and open only on weekends from Jan. 1 through March 31, and the four full time employees in park went on furlough or only worked weekend security shifts.

Maryanne Petrilla, Commissioner Chairwoman said the swimming pool will probably not open this year.

County Commissioners Stephen A. Urban noted the chamber didn’t ask the county to forgive any debt, which it did last year.

Camping Gear for Boy Scouts has been Stolen

Dan Roeske, Grosse Pointe Troop 96’s Scoutmaster said whoever took the trailer was parked at a business knew what they were doing. The trailer was parked that was donating the space to house near at Groesbeck Highway and 12 Mile Road in Roseville.

Roeske said “The hitch was locked up and the trailer was also chained to a beam that supports a car port. So it was under the car port, well locked with a chain and locked with a lock.”

The boy scouts / troop has 45 members age range from 11 to 17.

Roeske said “For us, the important things are three patrol handcrafted, boxes. They handled the camping gear, pots and pans, camping stoves, cooking utensils and most group of boys have one that they use.”

Roeske added “A few items (sentimental value) to the troop was stolen in a trailer.”

There is a planned of camping trip in two weeks, and that the troop will figure out how to resolve and make it work as possible.

The crimen of trailer’s Michigan license plate number is A266189.

There is a $1,250 reward for person with information about the stolen camping gear that leads to the return of the trailer and conviction of whoever is responsible. Contact to Roseville Police Department.

Del Monte Beach considered overnight tent camping

Overnight tent camping at Del Monte Beach owned by the Navy will be considered by the Monterey City Council today. It has recommended by the city Planning Commission repealing an amendment to the Del Monte Beach Coastal Land Use Plan that would prohibit tent camping on the beach or near the abandoned waste water treatment plant that once served the Naval Postgraduate School.

Susan Craig, coastal planner in the email to Kimberly Cole, a principal city planner said, the proposed plan amendment raises issues about the public access to the beach and that tent camping provides a lower cost overnight facilities along the beach in an area where there are no overnight facilities at present.

The council will convene at 4p.m. in its City Hall Chambers.

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