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Camping Equipment – Tent

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Prepare for Boot Camp – Camping Equipment

Would you like to have a mental advantage when you arrive at boot camp? I will share you a little about the physical training aspect of preparing for boot camp. I’m talking about the mental/psychological stress you will encounter at boot camp.

The irony is that some of the most athletic, muscular recruits (like high school football players) end up failing at boot camp due to mental stress or “mind games”.

Become Mentally Prepared
You have a one time opportunity to get the competitive edge you need to not only successfully complete Marine recruit training, but also to EXCEL at it. The reality of it is that you are going to be in a “World of Hurt” at USMC.

Boot camp is one mean, tough place, and I am going to show you how to conquer USMC Boot Camp while avoiding negative conflict and focusing on your performance as a young Marine.

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The North Face Women’s Khumbu Jacket

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The Women’s Khumbu Jacket by The North Face is highly versatile, relaxed-fit jacket offers dependable protection from the cold.

* Specifications:
* Avg Weight: 660 g (23.3 oz)
* Center Back: 25.5 inch
* Fabric: TKA 300 fleece

* Features:
* Standard fit
* Zip-in compatible integration with complementing garments from The North Face
* Extremely durable, anti-pill surface
* Full-front zip with wind flap
* Two hand pockets

This product can only be shipped within the United States. Please don’t hate us.

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Coleman Exponent TYL X2

Summer is a good long weekend vacation and a good time as any to take a break. Enjoy the andventurous or relaxing camping trip is an ideal to recharge. We’ve come a long way from impossible to set up tents and cumbersome kits. With gadgets, take a lot of the hard work out of camping out, still keep things simple and enjoy the outdoors.

The Coleman Exponent TYL X2 is the chief exception to the rule. Thanks to its basic two-pole setup, the TYL X2 can be pitched in a flash, and the result is a very spacious tent. The interior design is highlighted with a dry entry and front vestibule that is perfect for storing gear out of the way. The big D-shaped door allows for wide access, and the generous mesh panels in the walls are very conducive to cross ventilation. You might assume that a tent with a packing weight of just over five pounds might be flimsy, but the TYL X2 is a very capable three-season camping unit that is UV-protected from the sun and great at holding off a crisp night wind.

Stay warm, dry and safe on your next camping adventure by picking up the Coleman Exponent TYL X2 for $139.99.

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Camping Equipments

Camping equipment includes:

* First aid kit
* Tent, lean-to to act as a shelter.
* Hammer to drive tent stakes into soil.
* Sleeping bag and/or blankets for warmth.
* Sleeping pad or air mattress is placed underneath the sleeping bag for cushioning from stones and twigs as well as for insulation from the ground.
* Lantern or flashlight
* Hatchet, axe or saw for cutting firewood for a campfire.
* Fire starter or other ignition device for starting a campfire.
* Folding chairs for placement around campfire.
* Ropes for stringing clothes line and for securing the shelter.
* Tarp for adding additional layer of storm protection to a tent, and to shelter dining areas.
* Raincoat or poncho
* Hiking boots
* fishing pole
* Chuck box to hold camp kitchen items for food preparation, consumption and cleanup.
* Trash bags particularly one with handles can be tied to a tree limb, or clothesline off the ground. For handling of waste in backcountry see Leave no trace.
* Insect repellent particularly one that has DEET.
* Sunscreen for protecting the skin.
* Personal care products and towel
* Cooler to store perishables and beverages. If electricity is available, a thermoelectric or stirling engine cooler can be used without the need for ice.
* Beverages or portable water filter for areas that have access to rivers or lakes.
* Campers at modern campgrounds will normally bring perishable foods in coolers while backcountry campers will bring non-perishable foods such as dried fruits, nuts, jerky, and MREs.
* A tripod chained grill, Dutch oven, or La Cotta clay pot can be used for cooking on a campfire. A portable stove can be used where campfires are forbidden or impractical. If using a campground with electricity an electric frying pan or slow cooker can be used.

Tent Placement

As a general rule, pick a high level spot to pitch your tent. You’ll sleep better, and should it rain during the night water will drain away from your tent. Erect your tent far enough from any grill or campfire so that sparks won’t fly into it. Never set your tent up on low ground. Aim your tent door away from the direction of the morning sun. That way you won’t wake up and exit your tent into the bright sun.

Men’s Merrell Chameleon Evo GORE-TEX


GORE-TEX® XCR® Gasket Construction

Waterproof Suede Leather Upper

GORE-TEX® XCR® Fabric Lining

Breathable Enduro Mesh Panels

Breathable Padded Tongue

Injection Molded TPU Counter

Injection Molded TPU Instep Stability Arm

Protective Molded Rubber Rand

Protective Molded Rubber Toe Bumper

4.5mm Ortholite® Anatomical Footbed

Nylon 6.6 Injection Molded Arch Shank

Exposed In-Board™ Compression Molded EVA Footframe with Grade 2 Tapered Nylon Insole Molded to Bottom

Merrell Air Cushion Midsole

4mm Sole Lug Depth

Vibram® Chameleon Speed™ Sole/TC5+ Rubber

Men‘s Weight: 2 lbs.

Choosing Camping Tent for Holiday Weekend


Your camping tent should be easy to set up. At no time will this be apparent than when it is raining or when it is dark. A-frame and dome camping tents are generally easy to pitch. When you are ready to take your tent down or strike camp, you’ll want it fold into a neat and easy to store package. A cabin tent is not necessarily easy to pitch.

Most camping tent needs to have an adequate ventilation like openings on all sides. It would continue to have air flow through the tent. Camping tents are important investment, it is guide you need to make an informed decision about what is best for you. Make sure you prepare yourself for the worst possible type of weather you’ll encounter.

Choosing the right camping tent, make sure you will enjoy to use the tent with your family. The tent branded must be durable and will last a life time. If they enjoy the camping tent, they’ll want to go camping all the time. offers a camping tents for all occasions and you will be able to find 3 to 7 persons cheap branded camping tents. This means each person in your group or family will be able to have much more space within the camping tents. You can have a great time to spend your holiday or summer vacation and weekends on camping and it does not cost you too much money.

5 best camping gadgets

Mostly people like to spend their vacation in a beach, campground, falls or anywhere they want. Camping is is a good way to save money. Camping gadgets that will impress to your friends without blowing a big a hole in your vacation budget.

5 Cool Camping Gadgets

* Rotisserie Campfire Grill

Features: The automatic chef is a portable, adjustable campfire grill with a rotisserie mechanism (powered by two D batteries) that frees the chef from having to manually rotate the grill and allows the grill to be placed at the ideal height. The arm swivels to allow the chef to access food safely.

* Coleman Portable
Deck Chair with Table

Features: Large chair with reinforced aluminum frame supports up to 225 pounds and has an 11-inch by 16-inch side table and cup holder.

* Kamp Kaddie

Features: The best gadget yet to put all of your cooking tools in one convenient location. The steel pole clamps to a picnic table and has a rack for paper towels, a convenient hoop to hang a trash bag and a basket and hooks for accessory items (comes with carrying case).

* Chinook Granite 6-Cup Espresso Coffee Maker

Features: Lightweight, easy to clean, works on the cookstove or over the campfire.

* Solio Hybrid 1000 Charger

Features: Takes power from the sun and stores the energy in its internal battery, which then allows you to recharge your digital camera, cell phone, game player, GPS and other devices.

Affordable, Comfortable Camping Generator


EF2000iS is one of the newest generators in this portable category and EF2000iS from Yahama Motor Corporation, U.S.A. It is perfect for the campsite for easy transport a variety of uses. The EF2000iS also comes with a parallel use function which allows two units to plug into each other for double the output, while maintaining the maximum portability of two light weight generators to provide the power of one large, heavy generator.

Yamaha 2000watt Inverter Generator.

Weighing only 44 pounds and able to run all night long on a single gallon of gas, the EF2000iS is the perfect companion for RV owners and households.

Colin Iwasa, a power equipment sales manager at Yahama. Colin said “The EF2000iS is the ideal lightweight camping companion. At 2000 watts it is all the power you need to run small electric appliances. It is quiet versatile and can run for up to 8 hours on less than a gallon of gas. A powerful enough to run your refrigerator, television and some lights at home if you have a low voltage.”

Yahama provides a few guidelines for proper operation:
* Never use a generator indoors or in partially enclosed areas. A portable generator uses a combustion engine just like your car, which produces toxic, poisonous carbon monoxide exhaust gases. Set it up outdoors in a well-ventilated, dry area away from any car or trailer windows, doors and other air intakes.

* Read the manufacturer’s instructions for safe operation prior to use. This booklet comes with your generator. Additional copies are available at your local dealership.

* Keep generators away from fires and never fuel the generator while it’s running. Fuel liquids are flammable and dangerous if ingested, so store them far away from your family’s common areas and open flames. Fuel can also be sparked by a running generator, so turn off the engine before refueling.

* Use a carbon monoxide detector. Running generators create carbon monoxide, one of the most hazardous side effects of generator use. To be safe, install a carbon monoxide detector in your trailer or, if camping outdoors, keep the generator far away from any tents or enclosed spaces.

* Avoid electric shock. To prevent electric shock, never touch the generator with wet hands. Also, do not operate a generator in rain or snow in order to keep the generator dry.

* Watch out for hot engines and mufflers. Avoid placing flammable materials near the exhaust outlet during operation, and keep any generator at least three feet away from buildings or other equipment to avoid overheating. Always carry the generator by its handles.