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Camping at Grand Canyon

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Looking for destination unforgettable memories during camping? Try Grand Canyon. It is not only beyond words, but it’s beyond your imagination. During this time, You can see more wildlife and spectacles of nature than you ever seen during the rest of your life. It is fortunate to live there for several years. It is good to camping over there.

Going to Grand Canyon then you can see the lightning and hear the thunder rumble up the canyon walls and a sight to see the double rainbow that followed the storm through the canyon. You can see the entire circle at the rainbow.

Here are some personal once ia a lifetime wonders that you will experienced at the Grand Canyon:

Watching a storm over the canyon is awesome.

Lots of little birds and chipmunks frequent the area looking for scraps of food dropped by tourists.

Bald Eagle
This is a good place for rock climbing, and a good place to play the dulcimer and listen to it resonate through the rocks.

Bluebirds and Petroglyphs
Yaki Point is the head of the Kaibab Trail, which heads to the Colorado River and Phantom Ranch. East of here and just below the rim is a deer trail.

Scorpions inside the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Location
Grand Canyon National Park is located in northwestern Arizona, the park encompasses 277 miles of the Colorado River and adjacent uplands.