Turner Hall Farm, Cumbria

Turner Hall Farm is situated in the heart of the Duddon Valley with breathtaking views of the fells, the site is on the doorstep of a labyrinth of footpaths, leading to a variety of Lakeland fells and villages. A few minutes’ walk across the fields is the ancient Walna Scar track, taking you to Dow Crag and Coniston’s classic peak, the Old Man, with views out across Coniston Water en route. Walkers and climbers alike will enjoy the site’s closeness to Wallowbarrow gorge and crags. The grassy site offers privacy through the natural craggy landscape, and provides toilet and basic washing facilities. The local pub is a pleasant 10-minute walk from the site, where good food and refreshment can be purchased.


Turner Hall Farm
Cumbria (01229716420)


Adults £3
Children under 6 yrs old £1
Vehicles £1

This campsite not one for kids, grandparents or excitable dogs. In spring, the narrow valley on whose floor the site rests becomes a grassy pocket of lambs. It is mainly used as a stopping-off point for intrepid hikers and there is no shower and no hot water, and in 23 years the only thing that has been altered is the color of the toilet door. This is about as basic a camping experience you can have in a designated area for camping and the prices agree. At £3 per adult per night, Singapore Travel the rates are some of the lowest in the country.

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  1. Randy

    Such a short description but is complete and the details are inviting. Makes me wanna imagine what is it like when I go to that place. I am an adventure lover and there is a big chance for me to visit that place but I guess I still need to save a lot :) Thanks for the introduction anyway.

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